Amsterdam Portraits: Anna

A little reminder that I also take portraits. And how totally different Amsterdam looked back in June. Perfect backdrop for a portrait shoot, isn’t it?

vera-pavlova-photography-amsterdam-anna-1 vera-pavlova-photography-amsterdam-anna-2 vera-pavlova-photography-amsterdam-anna-3 vera-pavlova-photography-amsterdam-anna-4

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Amsterdam Loveshoot: Katia & Wade

I decided to break the habit and share one of the most recent shoots even though I still have quite a few summer ones waiting to be blogged. Because, come on, look how beautiful autumn is! And this couple too!

vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-1 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-2 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-3 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-4 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-5 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-6 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-7 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-8 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-9 vera-pavlova-photography-autumn-in-amsterdam-loveshoot-10

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Amsterdam Loveshoot: Lee & Valerie

Lee and Valerie chose Amsterdam as their final destination of their month-long vacation in Europe and booked a shoot with me to commemorate their trip. Valerie is a photographer herself (and a good one too) who shares my love for freelensing and happens to be insanely good at it. If you want to have a blast on a shoot and get portfolio-worthy images – get another photographer in front of your lens. Valerie did a great job at directing Lee and herself into poses. All I had to do was push the button. I probably should’ve given them a discount for making my job so easy. *wink*

vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-1 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-2 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-3 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-4 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-5 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-6 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-7 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-8 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-9 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-10 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-11 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-12 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-13 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-loveshoot-lee-valerie-14

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Haarlem Loveshoot: Injy & Karim

I am finally getting around to blogging this shoot, which holds a special place in my heart. The moment I met Injy and Karim it felt like I’m meeting old friends and I can’t really tell exactly why. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been emailing back and forth for half a year before the shoot. Or that their love story is so much like my own. I don’t know. All I know is that it was the easiest and the most fun job ever to photograph them! I mean, look at these two! You too wish you were friends with them, right?

vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-1 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-2 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-3 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-4 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-5 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-6 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-7 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-8 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-9 vera-pavlova-photography-haarlem-loveshoot-10

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Amsterdam Anniversary Shoot: Pia & Richard

Pia and Richard took a train from Cologne to Amsterdam to celebrate their wedding anniversary and booked a session with me to commemorate that occasion. It was a bit last minute so I’m very glad I could find the time for this cute couple in the busy month of June.

vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-pia-richard-1 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-pia-richard-2 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-pia-richard-3 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-pia-richard-4 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-pia-richard-5

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