Flea market finds

One of the things I enjoy doing here in the Netherlands is going to local flea markets in search of items to decorate our home with. Here are some of the cool things we found at Enka Fabriek flea market last winter.

vera-pavlova-photography-flea-market-finds-1 vera-pavlova-photography-flea-market-finds-2 vera-pavlova-photography-flea-market-finds-3

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Capturing life as it is

Photography is a wonderful tool for preserving the memories and recording the history of your family. And while it’s important to have this perfectly posed photo of you and your children in matching outfits to hang on your living room wall, I think it’s also important to capture real life moments, to catch people in their own element, acting naturally and doing what they normally do: a mom reading a book to her kid, kids running around the house or just chilling on a sofa watching cartoons. It’s all about capturing life as it is.

vera-pavlova-photography-family-1 vera-pavlova-photography-family-2 vera-pavlova-photography-family-3 vera-pavlova-photography-family-4 vera-pavlova-photography-family-5 vera-pavlova-photography-family-6 vera-pavlova-photography-family-7 vera-pavlova-photography-family-8 vera-pavlova-photography-family-9 vera-pavlova-photography-family-10


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One Year

Exactly one year ago today I launched my website and blog. I’d been photographing people on and off for three years then and I decided that I needed my very own place on the web. I started this blog to showcase my work and share my journey on the way of becoming a better photographer. I’ve always focused on all things visual and never been much of a writer. It takes me ages to put my words into writing. So I blogged every so often and neglected it for months.

This year though I am determined to change for the better. Since photography is something I’m hoping to make into a living one day, I decided to take action. I’m giving my website and blog a makeover that will hopefully help me better communicate who I am. It’s also going to be more interactive which means that you, guys, will finally be able to comment on my posts. I’m making a commitment to blog regularly and consistently and share more awesome photos.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers for making an effort to come to the blog, read my blabbering and for giving me feedback. You are appreciated.


Oh, and it just so happened that the day my website first went live is also the day my nephew was born. He was only five months old when I left home and now he’s already a toddler. How time flies! I really miss watching him grow. Happy birthday, little man!

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