One Year in Business

Exactly one year ago today I went ahead and registered my photography business at the Chamber of Commerce. I’d already done a couple dozen shoots by that time (a bunch of them for free because I was building my portfolio again from the bottom up here in the Netherlands) and I noticed that inquiries just kept coming so making it official seemed like the logical next step.

In the course of that first year in business I met and photographed a lot of amazing people. I learned to track time, improved my photography workflow and got familiar with the Dutch tax system.

There are still weeks when my calendar is empty and I have to work hard to keep myself busy but I’m happy I’m doing my thing and staying true to myself, making people happy in the process. All of which wouldn’t be possible without the support and constant encouragement of my boyfriend.

My second year is shaping up to be even more awesome. With more (hopefully) new shoots, a new website going online later this year with a new logo that I was fortunate enough to outsource to a professional this time.

I am so grateful for every person and every couple that has chosen me over other photographers in what turned out to be a very saturated market. To all the people I got to photograph last year – THANK YOU! To my upcoming and prospect clients – I can’t wait to meet you and make some beautiful memories together!

Oh, and did you know that you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram? These are the social media outlets I am most active on right now. So feel free to check them out for more frequent updates and sneak peaks.

photographer-in-amsterdam, фотограф-в-амстердаме

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