Loveshoot in Zaanse Schans and Volendam: Ann & Ray

This is the first part of a three-part blog series featuring Ann and Ray, an engaged couple from Hong Kong. I thought these guys deserved three blog posts, not only because we had shoots at four different locations, but also because three of those shoots we had in the scorching sun on what seemed to be the hottest day in the Netherlands this summer and the guys suffered from jet lag BUT they still managed to rock the socks off! Thank you guys for being amazing! And big thanks to Anouk for doing Ann’s make-up and hair.

vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-1 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-2 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-3 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-4 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-5 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-6 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-7 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-8 vera-pavlova-zaanse-schans-photographer-ann-ray-9 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-1 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-2 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-3 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-4 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-5 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-6 vera-pavlova-volendam-photographer-ann-ray-7

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