Amsterdam Loveshoot: Amy & Stanley

Amy and Stanley came all the way from Hong Kong just to see Coldplay perform. The few days they spent in Amsterdam were also a part of their honeymoon trip and a photo shoot in the city was a way to commemorate that occasion. I went a little overboard when culling the images and ended up with a lot more photos than I usually deliver, because these two are just so darn cute together!

vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-1 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-2 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-3 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-4 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-5 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-6 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-7 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-8 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-9 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-10 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-11 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-12 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-13 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-amy-stanley-14

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