Amsterdam Engagement Shoot: Cheryl & Will

Time flies when you’re having fun. My first couple shoot of the year was a blast, to say the least. And if someone wasn’t running low on hot chocolate (Cheryl) then we would have probably kept going with the shoot for another hour or so.  And the fun didn’t stop after the shoot was over. Not for me it didn’t. All the time I spent editing the photos the smile didn’t leave my face. You tell me if your lips don’t involuntarily curve upwards when you look at these two.

vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-1 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-2 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-3 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-4 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-5 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-6 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-7 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-8 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-9 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-10 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-11 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-engagement-photographer-cheryl-will-12

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