Amsterdam Anniversary Shoot: Marina & Godfried

Marina and Godfried had been living in Amsterdam for a year when they contacted me back in July last year to ask if I could take a few photos of them to commemorate their one year wedding anniversary as well as their time in Amsterdam, since they are an international couple and love to move a lot. Where to next, guys?

vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-1 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-2 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-4 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-3 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-5 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-6 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-7 vera-pavlova-amsterdam-photographer-anniversary-marina-godfried-8

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