Amsterdam Anniversary Shoot: Lisa & Sean

Lisa and Sean relocated to Amsterdam from the USA for work over a year ago. This shoot was a gift from their friend back in the States. We met up on a warm day in the beginning of June, took some photos in the city centre and then walked to the Vondelpark since Lisa and Sean got to love spending their time there. I turned the photos over to them just in time for their wedding anniversary. Nice present, don’t you think? And a beautiful reminder of their time in Amsterdam once/if they move back to the US.

vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-1 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-2 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-3 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-4 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-5 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-6 vera-pavlova-photography-anniversary-shoot-amsterdam-vondelpark-7
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