About Me

My name is Vera and I am a portrait and couple photographer based in the Netherlands.

I was born in a small town in Siberia, Russia. There I went to university to become an English teacher. My endeavours in photography started back then. Wherever I went I always had a camera with me.

After graduating I moved to a bigger city and started a teaching job. My true passion though has always been photography. So in 2009 I bought my first DSLR and started shooting more seriously. When I wasn’t teaching, I was practicing and perfecting my craft any way I could. Nobody escaped my lens.

In August 2012 I moved to the Netherlands. It was a hard decision to make. I had to leave everything behind: my family and friends, my job and the relationships I had built up with the people I photographed there.

I currently live in Ede, a nice and quiet town in the center of the country. It’s a wonderful place surrounded by forests and meadows, which allows me to pursue one of my other hobbies of hiking and exploring.

Other than that I enjoy a good book or a movie as much as the next person. I’m also a bit of an Internet junkie. I try to use my “addiction” to my benefit though: looking to other photographers for inspiration, reading up on the latest techniques, following online courses and searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I love photographing people and I am passionate about telling a story and capturing real-life moments. I want to give people an opportunity to bond and have fun and then remember those precious moments forever through beautiful images.