2014, bring it on!

For some unbeknownst reason 2014 didn’t start off quite right for me. I felt uninspired, directionless and worthless. What is it about the New Year that makes us dwell on our imperfections and question our accomplishments? It brings on the pressure to reflect on the changes we think we need to make in our lives and to follow through with the resolutions we make.

If you are, like me, starting your year off feeling a little disheartened and anxious, give yourself a break (and don’t feel bad about it) and just go with the flow this year. If you are making resolutions, choose not to dwell on the things you haven’t done or won’t get done from that list. Instead celebrate the things you have done. Otherwise you end up feeling like you’re not enough or that you haven’t accomplished anything.

My advice is to simply let life happen naturally and enjoy it. Take each day as it comes, be present and try to be better you every day. I am going to do just that.


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