Engagement Photos in Amsterdam: Kalyan & Radhika

When Radhika contacted me she wasn’t sure if having a photo shoot in February was such a good idea. She was concerned that since it’s the middle of winter in Amsterdam the photos might not turn out as colourful as some of the other seasons. I assured her (as I will anyone who contemplates having a winter shoot) that Amsterdam has its charm in every season. It’s true that it’s not all that colourful in winter, but I think you can brighten up the photos by wearing something colourful. And one thing that’s great about winter in Amsterdam is that now that the trees don’t have leaves you can see the canal houses in all their glory. I think the photos turned out very warm and the things that brightened them up the most were the smiles on those two lovebirds’ faces.

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A Look Back at 2018 & 2019

I neglected to do this kind of a round up last January so now you’ll have to scroll through not one, but two years worth of photos.

These are not necessarily my favourite images (although some of them are) and not all the shoots I had over the two years are featured for various reasons, but I feel like this selection gives a pretty good idea of what the last couple of years looked like through my lens.

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Amsterdam Couple Shoot: Isabel & Vítor

I’m very pleased that this lovely couple from Madeira picked Amsterdam as their travel destination in late autumn last year. Sometimes you meet people who smile not just with their mouths, but with their eyes, their whole being. I think Isabel is one of those people.

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