Amsterdam Couple Shoot: Isabel & Vítor

I’m very pleased that this lovely couple from Madeira picked Amsterdam as their travel destination in late autumn last year. Sometimes you meet people who smile not just with their mouths, but with their eyes, their whole being. I think Isabel is one of those people.

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Amsterdam Engagement Shoot: Dan & Olivia

Cristina contacted me in September last year to arrange for a photo shoot as an engagement gift to her dear friends, Dan and Olivia (they were planning to visit Amsterdam in October that same year). She thought they would love a quintessential Amsterdam backdrop for their photos such as Jordaan and the Canal District and that’s exactly where we took ourselves on this photo walk.

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Amsterdam Engagement Shoot: Natasha & Duncan

Natasha and Duncan were visiting Amsterdam for a family reunion in September last year and decided to book an engagement photo shoot in this beautiful city. Because their visit to Amsterdam was so brief we didn’t have any flexibility with the day of the shoot and had to work with what we got. And what we got was drizzle throughout the shoot. Which wasn’t a problem for us at all – it only added an authentic Dutch spin on it (you can’t get any more Dutch than rain). Rain is always a possibility when you’re booking a shoot in the fall (which you should, because it’s beautiful). Just remember to bring a big umbrella with you.

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